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Elminage Gothic - -Год выпуска: 2014 (18 сентября)
Жанр: RPG
Разработчик: Starfish-SD Inc
Издательство: Ghostlight LTD
Платформа: PC
Тип издания: Неофициальный
Язык интерфейса: Aнглийский
Язык озвучки: не требуется
Таблэтка: не требуется
- -• Операционная система: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
• Процессор: Pentium IV 1,6 ГГц
• Оперативная память: 1 Гб
• Видеоадаптер: 256 Мб
• Свободного места на жестком диске: 420 Мб- -Elminage Gothic - классическая JRPG от студии Starfish достигшая наконец ПК-платформы. Запутанные подземелья, могучие драконы, прекрасные эльфийки, магия и пошаговая боевая система прилагаются.

Особенности игры

8 starting races, 1 hidden
16 player classes
Gameplay similar to the classical Wizardry series titles. Those who want a challenge this game is for you.
“THAC0” ]To Hit Armor Class Zero (0) - system
Character permadeath.
Full English translation
Higher resolution art
Improved user interface
Trading Cards


Str 8 / Int 8 / Piety 7 / Vit 9 / Agi 8 / Luck 9
Age range: 10-60 years
Str 7 / Int 10 / Piety 10 / Vit 6 / Agi 8 / Luck 6
Age range: 15-500 years
Str 10 / Int 6 / Piety 10 / Vit 11 / Agi 6 / Luck 7
Age range: 30-200 years
Str 7 / Int 7 / Piety 12 / Vit 9 / Agi 8 / Luck 7
Age range: 25-400 years
Str 6 / Int 6 / Piety 5 / Vit 7 / Agi 12 / Luck 15
Age range: 30-80 years
Str 5 / Int 9 / Piety 9 / Vit 5 / Agi 14 / Luck 9
Age range: 5-30 years
Str 9 / Int 9 / Piety 9 / Vit 10 / Agi 11 / Luck 6
Age range: 5-60 years
Str 12 / Int 7 / Piety 5 / Vit 12 / Agi 6 / Luck 7
Age range: 20-300 years


Basic melee class, can equip pretty much all the heavy armor. high hp gain
they unlock at lvl26 the passive 'physical attack+1', as you level up the % increase a little.
Basic wizard class, learn spell like sleep:,fire,ice,lightning, raise enemy AC,stone,float,teleport,miracle...
at level 26 they unlock the passive 'mage spell +1' increase your spell dmg and the % increase as you level up.
Basic healer class, can heal,lower your AC, cure bad status.
they have the skill Dispel, it removes undead and ghost monster. It's single target but becomes all enemies at lvl 26. and they get Cleric spell +1.
The class with the highest rate to disarm chest (because of thief +1 skill). can hide during battle to deal more dmg. At level 26 they can disarm and steal enemies gears.(only problem though is the psp version doesn't have much to steal...)
Learn spell that increase your speed in battle, your attack rate, magic resistance, confuse, charm. Spell to identy or disarm traps in chests. They can craft some items(requires lvl 10 I think) and modify some stats on your gear with materials.
At lvl 26 they can disasemble(remove materials from items, so you can use them again), alchemist +1 passive and another passive 'high purity synthesis' that increase as you level up, so you get more AP from materials.
Was called servant in other Elminage, but herbalist are basically the same, they have a bags and you can brings quite a few potion,antidote and other items in it. At the end of each turn, they'll use items to recover the party hp/ailement. What's new though is you can find herb in dungeon and mix them to make potion. They have other items like black tea or those wooden/silver bank they can use but I haven't played them much. I think they have the 'special resistance up %' too, which increase their ailement resist
Learn both mage and cleric spell. can identify items.
Fight with bow, they can hit enemies again at the end of turn if they're inflicted with bad status and I think they have a skill they can use to act first in battle.
Fight with fist/claw...they can multi hit a single target. they also get the ability 'Lower AC' which is VERY good late game in my opinion.(as you level up, your AC gets lower and lower...)
Kinda the jack of all trade in the game, can stealth, disarm trap, have mage spell and can use Tarot for various effect. Also can use instrument for various spell. At lvl 26 or a bit higher they can equip instrument in all their equipment slot...
This class is very effective against undead,ghost and demon. they can cast a wall that protect against magic attack. at lvl 26 or a bit higher they can equip charms in all their equipment slot.
They make contract with monster and you can summon them after. at lvl 26 or a bit higher they get the skill 'blood oath %', which increase your pet stat.
Fight with spear and learn priest spell. have the skill dispel and they can damage ghost.
at lvl 26 or a bit higher they can equip a shield with their spear.
Wear heavy armor, learn cleric spell, get special resistance up%
and at lvl 26 or a bit higher get Court sanctuary % which increase everyone resistance to ailement.
Fight with katana and learn mage spell. at level 26 or a bit higher they get ''swallow return %'' which is a parry/counter.
They can hide, disarm trap in chest have Lower AC ability, have the 'improve beheading rate%' and at level 26 or a bit higher they can prevent ambush attack.

Порядок установки

-Elminage Gothic Youtube Trailer

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