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Table Tennis Pro 2.32 Lite
Жанр: Sport
Разработчик: Grass Games
Платформа: Windows
Системные требования: Windows 98+
Memory: 128 MB
CPU: P3 800
DirectX 8
Тип издания: лицензия
Язык интерфейса: только английский
Таблэтка: Отсутствует
Описание: Приятный симулятор настольного тенниса
По сравнению с предыдущим релизом http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=279802 значительно улучшена графики и физика,
полный список изменений:
Computer Players' Artificial Intelligence Re-Designed
Computer players now have many more factors and abilities to give them all more individual styles of play. All 31 computer opponents have been updated.
Ball Spin Physics Updated
The in-game physics controlling top and back spin have been changed, making the ball physics even more realistic. This affects both the flight of the ball in the air, the bounce of the ball off the table, and also the path of the ball after it clips the net.
Complete Graphics Overhaul
There is now a new internal graphics engine in the game resulting in much smoother and better looking graphics. All 3D models (bats, tables, stands, nets, disks, force-fields, cups, etc.) have also been updated.
New Control Mode System & Tutorials
The game now has 4 different control modes - "Beginner 1", "Beginner 2", "Normal" and "Professional". The two beginner control modes allow for Table Tennis Pro to be played by all users, not just game experts. They also allow for users to gradually improve their ability to play the game, by focusing on one control aspect of the game at a time. Visual tutorials have been added for each of the 4 control modes.
Power and Spin Indicators Added
Now you can easily see the amount of power and spin on all shots. This helps greatly in both controlling your own shots, and returning opponents shots.
New Lighting System
The lighting system in the game has been greatly improved. Different rooms now have different lighting - for example in the Hongg Room, the light comes from the two lamps in the room in opposite corners of the room. A shine factor has been added also and now shine can be seen reflecting off everything in the game.
Playing Rooms Added and Updated
Some new playing rooms have been added to the game and the others have been improved. This applies to the 7 extra Deluxe Rooms also.
Multiplayer Mode Re-Designed
The multiplayer system has been rewritten - multiplayer games are now easier to setup and more stable once in progress.
Updated User Interface
All aspects of the user interface have been updated to give a more useable and professional game experience.
New User Bats and Custom Tables Graphic Editors
Each user can now have multiple user bats and multiple custom tables. These can all be designed with in-game graphic editors. A huge number of options mean that you can now make cool looking custom bats and tables easily and with minimum effort.
Updated Controllers Menu
Now in the controllers menu you can add controls specifically for spin, allowing you to use the keyboard and mouse in combination if that is what you desire. The controllers menu has also been updated to allow for Game Pads (Analog and Digital) to be used properly.
New Game Speeds
There are now 10 different game speeds in the game - ranging from very slow to very fast with a nice spread in-between.
New Statistics
There are now a huge range of statistics to look at so you can easily visually see your progress against the computer players.
New Shot Samples
In the help section of the game you can view many many different shots in action so you can easily see the affect of power and spins on shots, and also get a good idea of some of the different shots that can be played in the game.
More Stable
Table Tennis Pro V2 now uses vastly less memory resources than V1, and this, along with the numerous bug fixes, makes the game more stable and robust than ever.
Доп. информация: В этой лайт версии недоступен чемпионат, игра на высокой скорости и кручение мяча.

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