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DL-List and Torrent activity [Update пиров]
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Endless Legend™

•Год выпуска: 18 сен, 2014 (DLC Endless Legend - Guardians, 29 апр, 2015, Endless Legend™ - Shadows2 сен, 2015)
•Жанр: Startegy / RPG
•Разработчик: AMPLITUDE Studios
•Издательство: AMPLITUDE Studios
•Платформа: PC
Версия игры 1.2.2.S3 от 11 сентября 2015г.
•Тип издания: Repack
•Язык интерфейса: Русский, Английский, Французский, Немецкий, Испанский, Итальянский, Польский
•Язык озвучки: Английский
•Таблетка: Вшита (ALI213)

• Операционная система: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 (64 bit)
• Процессор: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.50Ghz or equivalent
• Оперативная память: 2 ГБ
• Видеокарта: nVidia Geforce 460 1GB or ATI Radeon HD 6850 1GB
• Свободного места на жестком диске: 5 GB

Endless Legend - 4X-стратегия от создателей Endless Space. Бороться за власть на планете Аурига будут 8 цивилизаций. Игрокам предстоит собирать «пыль» и другие ресурсы, торговать, развивать науку и волшебство, искать артефакты и экипировать ими героев, ассимилировать малые народы. Если дело дойдет до войны, в боях придется учитывать влияние рельефа и способности различных юнитов. На глобальной карте будут меняться времена года, причем зима здесь суровая, в духе «Игры престолов». Играть позволят как в одиночку, так и в мультиплеере.

Oсобенно релиза

Версия игры - 1.2.2.S3
Ничего не вырезано
Ничего не перекодировано-DLC:
Shadows Expansion Pack (Endless Legend™ - Shadows)
Guardians Expansion Pack (Endless Legend™ - Guardians)
Amplitude Badge
Frozen Fangs Add-on
Deep-Freeze Add-on
Релиз от группы R.G. Механики

Update list

[1.2.2.S3] Patch
11 СЕНТЯБРЯ - STEPH.(✿◠‿◠)
CHANGES [All versions]
Changed some values in order to avoid situations where the AI was overvaluing luxuries and strategic resources in terms of negotiation
[All versions]
Fixed an issue where, in some cases, the Settler Food penalty could stay after the end of the production of a Settler
Fixed an issue where manual battles remain stuck on the resolution phase after a Justicere uses the Debuff immunity capacity
Fixed an issue where buying a unit of the same faction from the market place turns all the respective unit types into mercenaries
Fixed an issue where players cannot complete one of the versions of the Chapter 7, Step 3 of the Forgotten questline, when a Cultist empire is involved
Fixed an issue where players remain stuck during the Forgotten questline if the empire targeted during Chapter 8 is defeated in Step 1
Have a nice weekend,
[1.2.0] Shadows - Release Notes
This major addition to the game content includes the long-awaited espionage system (spying, infiltration and pillaging). It also includes an entire Major Faction, the Forgotten, whose gameplay is based on espionage.
Added a new Major Faction: the Forgotten
Added a new Army action: Pillage
Added a new Hero action: Infiltration
Added a new City action: Roundup
Added the Infiltration actions, unlocked once a spy has infiltrated an opponent city
Decrease Vision
Reveal Spy
Decrease Diplomatic Cost
Decrease Science Production (non Forgotten-specific)
Steal Technology (Forgotten-specific)
Decrease Morale
Decrease Industry Production
Decrease Population
Damage Fortification
Target Governor
Added new diplomatic interactions related to the espionage
Added a new diplomatic term: Prisoner Exchange
Added the Camouflage (invisibility on forest tiles) and Stealth (invisibility on all tiles) capacities
Added the Dual Wield capacity (-50% on attribute bonuses from offhand weapon)
Added a new game option in order to show/mask the empire information and curves displayed in-game
Added the ability to whisper to a known player by clicking on his/her status sector in the End Turn panel
Added a new tab in the options: controls can be redefined
Added new controls:
Bottom of all construction queues: you can now add an improvement at the bottom of the construction queue of all your cities by pressing CTRL when you click on the chosen improvement.
Top of all construction queues: you can now add an improvement at the top of the construction queue of all your cities by pressing SHIFT when you click on the wanted improvement.
Top of one construction queue: you can now add an improvement at the top of the construction queue of a city by pressing ALT when you click on the chosen improvement.
Added several new key bindings
AI now takes into account the market-value of luxury and strategic resources in diplomacy
Remove retreat possibility when being in a besieged district
+1 on unit military upkeep when in armies
"Fragile Health" and "Make Trade not War" trait costs have been increased
Added City Upkeep to a couple of Improvements where it was still missing
Added a confirmation message to hero assignment in case the army is made of Privateers
Impacted with gamespeed the time required to reach the max value of Research and Commercial agreements bonus
Reduced "Fast" Game Speed multiplier on Luxury and Strategic Resource Production (from 2 to 1.5)
Added the Sharp Sense capacity to shields
Changed Titanium Shields Damage bonus (5%/10%/20%) to a 5%/10%/20% Life bonus
Decreased Damage bonus granted by Glassteel on weapons (-50%)
Decreased Attack bonus granted by Titanium on weapons (-50%)
Tweaked Movement bonus granted by Improved Movement capacity on Iron Talismans:
Tier1: +1 Map Movement, +1 Battle Movement, +3 Initiative
Tier2: +2 Map Movement, +1 Battle Movement, +5 Initiative
Tier3: +3 Map Movement, +1 Battle Movement, +7 Initiative
Increased bonus granted by Glory of Death capacity on Titanium Talismans:
Tier1: +0.5 Morale per adjacent enemy
Tier2: +1 Morale per adjacent enemy
Tier3: +1.5 Morale per adjacent enemy
Reduced Vision bonuses granted by Improved Vision capacity on Iron rings:
Tier1: Improved Vision 1 (+1 vision) + Sharp Sense 1
Tier2: Improved Vision 1 (+1 vision) + Sharp Sense 2
Tier3: Improved Vision 2 (+2 vision) + Sharp Sense 3
Reduced Damage bonus granted by Improved Damage capacity on Titanium rings: Tier1: +10% / Tier2: +20% / Tier3: +30%
Reduced Initiative bonus granted by Improved Initiative capacity on Glassteel rings: Tier1: +10% / Tier2: +20% / Tier3: +30%
Tweaked Defence bonus granted by Improved Defence capacity on Adamantian Rings: Tier1: +15% / Tier2: +30% / Tier3: +60%
Tweaked Attack bonus granted by Improved Attack capacity on Palladian Rings: Tier1: +15% / Tier2: +30% / Tier3: +60%
Tweaked contextual damage bonus granted by Retaliation capacity on Palladian Talismans: Tier1: +15% / Tier2: +30% / Tier3: +60%
Increased Army Defence bonus granted by Adamantian Insignia, to Tier1: +5 & +15% / Tier2: +10 & +30% / Tier3: +15 & +40%
Increased Army Attack bonus granted by Palladian Insignia, to Tier1: +15% / Tier2: +30% / Tier3: +40%
Increased Unit Defence bonus granted by the Adamantian Ring, to Tier1: +25% / Tier2: +50% / Tier3: +75%
Increased Unit Attack bonus granted by the Palladian Ring, to Tier1: +25% / Tier2: +50% / Tier3: +75%
Increased Unit Strike-Back Damage bonus granted by the Palladian Talisman, to Tier1: +30% / Tier2: +50% / Tier3: +70%
Reduced by 30% the base price of Heroes on market
Increased by 30% healing cost when a hero gets disabled
Multiplied by 2 instead of 3 Healing speed bonus from the Hero Skill Fast Healer Level 1 and Level 2
Removed all Food references in the Broken Lords' empire plans and added new options instead
Doubled the Era 1 research bonus granted by the Quest reward of the first Broken Lords quest chapter
Decreased a bit the amount of Dust required in step 2 of the first Broken Lords quest chapter
Increased by 2 Life Drain capacity bonus of the Broken Lords Ryder
Reduced from 50% to 35% of Damage value the Dust Bishop Healer capacity
Decrease to 15% Healing Halo capacity bonus
Reduced by 30% Damage base attribute value of Drider, Eyeless Ones and Drakkens Heroes
In addition to militia and fortification, Cultists now have one additional Militia slot compared to other factions
Reduced from 50% to 35% the bonuses granted by the 2 Cultists quest Items called "The Wordless Will" and "Order of Isiver"
Reduced from 25% to 20% resources extracted from region deposits by converted Cultists villages
Removed information displayed in the Empire Bonuses Screen due to game speed
Decreased by 2 the effect of the Guardian earthquake on tiles that are not the target
Tweaked the "Minor Faction, Major Pain" cooperation quest
IMPORTANT FIXES [All versions]
Fixed a desync caused when a user joins the AI slot of a progress in session
Fixed an issue where an assert message is generated for the user multiple times during the late stages of a session
Fixed an issue where a skippable assert generated at the beginning of every turn during late-game in a session

Особеннсоти игры & DLC

This major addition to the game content includes the long-awaited espionage system (spying, infiltration and pillaging). It also includes an entire Major Faction, the Forgotten, whose gameplay is based on espionage. A nightmare out of history, the Forgotten are a faction that all others thought to be lost or dead. Against their will they were forged into a tight society of violent and distrustful survivors, having spent the final years of the cataclysm alone on the surface of Auriga.
Now, as rifts in their society have led a splinter faction to declare its independence, the Forgotten are risking everything in the hopes that the other factions will accept them - or kneel before them. Masters of deception, infiltration, and sabotage, the arrival of the Forgotten among the factions of Auriga will change everything.
Take advantage of the new “Camouflage” and “Stealth” capacities and play with invisible units on the adventure map. Send your Heroes to infiltrate other empires unlocking access to detailed information about their activities. New army actions allow you to steal, capture, sabotage and even poison Governors! Defend your cities and Empire against potential infiltrations by using the new “Round up” capacity and other counterespionage skills.
Equip your Heroes and units with a set of new items, including the new “Scope” accessories, to give them espionage and counterespionage abilities.
Slow your enemy’s progression by performing a new army action on the adventure map: pillage converted villages, extractors and watchtowers.
Релиз включает в себя кроме основной игры 3 DLC, в том числе и новую, вышедшую 29 апр, 2015 Endless Legend - Guardians
There are older and greater things in the universe than the Endless, whose few hundred centuries barely scrape the surface of history. What of those older entities, those other forces? Did they disappear before the arrival of the Endless, or could the Endless, at the height of their power, have contained and controlled them? And now that the Endless have faded or moved on, might some of these elder beings suddenly rise up again…? These ancient giants, extensions of Auriga herself, have broken free from the chains with which the Endless imprisoned them. Make their legendary might yours, and impose your supremacy on other Empires! Find and equip Gemstones (new item category) to strengthen your Guardians even further with buffs and new skills. GIOS, the Earth Guardian, senses all that moves in or across the planet. When engaged in battle, the ancient giant inflicts impressive zone damage to enemy units by causing earthquakes. If the need arises, he is also able to repair cities’ fortifications. NEROS, the Water Guardian, listens to the echoes of the present and the past. While roaming your enemies’ land he can destroy watchtowers and extractors. In battle, Neros can use his Tsunami charge to deal damage relative to his distance from the target. FOTIOS, the Fire Guardian, is linked to the primeval force of fire. He is able to cast a powerful light that drastically extends vision range. In combat, Fotios uses his flames to inflict fire damage over time on his enemies. ATMOS, the Air Guardian, tracks the winds and scents of Auriga. Despite his size, the giant can teleport inside vision range, covering large distances in the blink of an eye. Atmos is also a fearful opponent as he gets stronger with each and every kill. SKOROS, the Dust Guardian, is attuned to Auriga's magical currents. He has the ability to fully heal an entire allied army, and can use mind control spells to manipulate enemy units during battle. Legendary Deeds are another way to compete with other Empires. These competitive challenges reward the best with different types of compensations: Bonuses, technologies, resources, and items. Additionally, Global Events are now unfolding on Auriga. They will challenge all Empires with competitive and cooperative quests. The best will be rewarded with resources, items and special units!
10 Legendary Deeds: These extraordinary achievements are disseminated throughout the Eras. Each of them can only be completed by a single player and will give a significant boost by unlocking one of the new technologies, items, or city improvements created for the expansion.
10 Global Events: Be the one faction that makes the most of unexpected events affecting the entire planet.
Cooperative & Competitive Quests: Both cooperative and competitive quests have been added in which players will either need to work together or compete to obtain a reward or suffer the hard consequences. Compete with the other Empires to build up to five Legendary Buildings. Gain powerful City Improvements that boost resources outputs, Approval or Influence. Unique buildings also allow further customization of Empires by unlocking specialized city improvements which are designed to support progression toward specific victory conditions.
5 Legendary Buildings: Massive undertakings, these awe-inspiring buildings can only be constructed by one player per Era. Unlockable by achieving Legendary Deeds, these buildings are so powerful they are visible on the map.
10 Unique Buildings: Additional unique buildings that will provide benefits and allow players to specialize their cities depending on their surroundings.

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Игры для iPhone & Androids

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